"Whatever you do, do well"
Ecclesiastes 9:10
Day boarding is available by
appointment. Drop off and pick up
times must be scheduled.  Price for day
boarding is $20 per day. If overnight
stay is required, an additional $8.00 will
be added.
Call to schedule a 30 minute training
consultation:  $30.00

Consult is done at K9 Heeler facility.
If consult is needed in home, the in home rate will
Private dog training lessons given at K9 Heeler
Facility. Pet Parent will be involved in the training
sessions-entire family welcome and encouraged to
attend the sessions.  $70.00 per one hour session.
Day training is available by appointment.
Please call to schedule a drop off and pick
up time.
Rate for day training: $30/day
Proof of vaccinations is required
for any of these services.
Short and long term boarding available. Rates are
as follows for a 24 hour period:

Dogs: $28.00

Management lives on site.

Check in time: by appointment only.

Check out time: by appointment only.

Special multi dog rates for multi dog families:

$46 for two dogs from same family that can board
in same pen.

$16 for each additional dog in same pen

*Dogs must be from same family and be able to
board together in the same suite to be eligible for
the multi dog rate.

Discount given for long term boarding.
*over two weeks

We will be happy to provide meals for our guests
who prefer not to bring their own food.  There will
be a minimal charge per feeding-per dog for this

We serve Victor dog food brand
In home sessions are available starting at
$85.00 per one hour session. Rates vary
depending on travel time for the trainer.
We offer board a board to train
option at $400 / week.  

You are asked to bring your dogs
own food. Shot records are
required upon drop off.