"Whatever you do, do well"
Ecclesiastes 9:10
Day boarding is available by appointment.
Drop off and pick up times must be
scheduled.  Price for day boarding is $20
per day. If overnight stay is required, an
additional $8.00 will be added.
Call to schedule a 30 minute training
consultation:  *$25.00

*Cost will be deducted if a training package is
purchased, or will be applied to a first private
session.  Consult is done at K9 Heeler facility.
Socialization classes now being held on Saturday
mornings, 9:30, at Aayla Bean Memorial Dog Park.  
This fun, informative class, held at our own private
dog park, is supervised by dog trainers and dog
training students.  A fun, safe place for your dog to
Rates for this service will be $20.00 per dog.
Private dog training lessons given at K9 Heeler
Facility. Pet Parent will be involved in the training
sessions-entire family welcome and encouraged to
attend the sessions.  $65.00 per one hour session.
Day training is available by
appointment. Please call to
schedule a drop off and pick up
Proof of vaccinations is required
for any of these services.
Short and long term boarding available. Rates are as
follows for a 24 hour period:

Dogs: $28.00

Management lives on site.

Check in time: by appointment only.

Check out time: by appointment only.

Special multi dog rates for multi dog families:

$46 for two dogs from same family that can board in
same pen.

$16 for each additional dog in same pen

*Dogs must be from same family and be able to board
together in the same suite to be eligible for the multi
dog rate.

Discount given for long term boarding.
*over two weeks

We will be happy to provide meals for our guests who
prefer not to bring their own food.  There will be a
minimal charge per feeding-per dog for this service.

We serve Victor dog food brand