"As a former client and happily better informed pet mother, I just want to express my appreciation
for having someone like Therese Aguilar as our trainer for our new puppy, Pipsqueak.

Having more dogs than are mentionable, several of which are certified therapy dogs who were
taught by me at home in the past and who made stellar therapy pets on various visits to various
forums, I finally decided to work with a pro and get some good tips about where I could do better on
training my pets for their final temperament testing, and in this case for Pippy's Canine Good Citizen
test.  Therese is a very knowledgeable and likeable person who is quite well versed in all things dog
obedience related, and she taught us some very good techniques which have already come in handy
on better training my other dogs.  Therese is consistent and very professional and a delight with
whom to work, and punctual as well for our various training appointments.  Our Director of Faithful
Paws, Connie Richards, is most impressed with Pippy's progress at five mere months of age and
has already pronounced Pippy ready to take his CGC in August at six months of age.  I credit Therese
with most of the kudos for this accomplishment!!

And best of all, after our six sessions together, I am glad to think of Therese as a friend!

No one could go wrong soliciting Therese's tutelage in the dog-training world!!"

Candace Bywaters

Faithful Paws Therapy Dogs
Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Team Leader
About Me
K9 Heeler
"Therese Aguilar has a positive attitude and good skills as a dog trainer. She
came for house visits on my request because I had goals to learn my dog social
behavior towards visitors.
Therese always kept her promises, was on time and even wrote emails to
check on things.
My dog and I  made a lot of progress in a short time. Of course we need to
practice every day and Therese gave me the tools to do it.
Now, 5 weeks later, visitors give my dog compliments and tell me he is well

Therese has knowledge, skills and is not afraid to handle any problem. I'm sad
that the sessions are ending but she told me I can always contact her.

Sincerely, Ella Blommaert
and Rex
"A good name is more desirable than great riches"
Proverbs 22:1
I'd love to tell you about Therese.  I have known her for a little over four years which started by her inquiring about
a puppy that I was fostering for Montgomery County (I had four Rott/Aust Shepherd Mix that came to me at 4 days
old).  While Montgomery County does no reference checking, vet checks, etc, I could not let my fosters go without
a full check.  I thoroughly checked Therese and her family out, which checked out beautifully, then did a home
visit to actually meet them and she how they would interact and respond to the puppy.  I could not have been
more pleased.  As a matter of fact, one other puppy was returned because of a medical problem and I placed
him with Therese as well.  Strangely enough, the little boy placed second outgrew the problem, but the first one
she adopted ended up being the one with lasting problems. (The condition was hereditary).  She and her family
have provided an absolutely fabulous home for them both.

I have had her board my own fur kids (a Yorkie Poo, a Schnoodle, and a Boston/Rat Mix) when I go out of town.  
She is the only person I trust.  I know that they are well cared for, treated with love and kindness, and I never have
to worry when they are in her care.

Because of doing rescue work for years, two of my fur kids are rescues, which come with their own set of
issues.  I truly did not believe that they could be trained, but Therese proved me wrong.  She has an unbelievable
way with animals.  It's amazing!!  I have referred numerous people to her and everyone has been extremely
happy with the results and have continued to refer other people to her.

I have no reservations about recommending Therese for your boarding and training needs.  She is wonderful.  

Dianna Johnson
It has been known since I was a very young girl that I was destined to work with dogs. The
dream finally came alive in 2006 when I established my dog training business. One thing
led to another and boarding was added to the menu. The hunt began at the start of 2010 for
a piece of property I could move the training and boarding center to. Finally, at the very end
of the year, Dec. 22, 2010, we closed on four acres in Magnolia, TX.  In keeping near my
loyal and much loved friends, we are conveniently close to The Woodlands, Tomball,
Conroe, and Spring. The many hours spent working with dogs from the Montgomery County
Animal Shelter has led me focus most of my training on behavior issues and the pursuit of
modifying both the dog's behavior and the way we deal with them. Finding a way to
motivate our dogs and using that as a reinforcer during training is the most effective way to
accomplish this goal. Here at K9 Heeler, positive motivation is the only way we train our
dogs. This method allows the dog to learn and retain the information so that you can
continue to reap the benefits of your dog's good behavior. Positive reinforcement of
behaviors you want your dog to continue to have, in my experience, is the fastest and most
reliable method of dog training.  My goal is to teach you to have the best possible
relationship with your dog.